Nothing new ever happens when the past is just repeated.

When Apple was at the bottom of its life-cycle, when they basically ran out of cash, and survival was improbable, Steve Jobs, just reinstated at the company he founded took a step that redefined the persona of the business.

He made an advertisement, aimed at the diminishing pool of customers, and potential customers, but also at the employees and other stakeholders, an ad that should be remembered as one that started the redefinition of the business that now pervades every category they create. The ad was sufficiently successful to attract that doyen of social commentators, the Simpsons, to have a shot.

Thnking differently is a challenge to most, it creates anxiety, the fear of failure, and puts people at risk from the naysayers and bureaucrats, but without them, we have no innovation, nothing different.

What a boring world that would be.