A while ago, when Google+ was first launched, I questioned its value, and by extension, future. The reason for my skepticism, was that an initial look at Google+ led me to the conclusion that the inherent switching costs involved in moving the focus of  on-line social activity from facebook to Google would be too high for a sufficient number of users for Google+ to build the scale necessary for social media success.

It now seems that something from the old economy is working in Google’s favour, and my assessment will probably be proved to be wrong.

Momentum and initiative.

We all understand the value of momentum and initiative, in business, sport, and our private lives. Those who have it, all other things being equal, win, simple as that. It seemed to me at the time that facebook had all the cards, but Google seems to have grabbed the initiative, and built momentum, if the “tech-chatter” of which there is plenty, some of it from very well connected people, accurately reflects the  extremely rapidly evolving social media ecosystems.