The internet is choked with lists, 10 ways to do this, 5 best  ways to handle that, bloggers put them in because a list is a proven  driver of blog traffic.  People seem to want the core of an idea to be trimmed down to a set of bullet points, perhaps it is just more digestible that way.

I have certainly done it a bit, with 12 facebook tips for SME’s, How to make twitter useful, 6 rules for strategic alignment,  and many others, some my lists, others a link to the lists of others, each for one reason or another seemed to be useful and worth sharing. In the case of the lists I created, mostly they emerged from work I was doing for a client at the time, and the process of assembling a list assisted me to order my thoughts, and so hopefully, helped a few others in a similar way.

Today, the “Uber-list” from Forbes magazine, which has a whole feature on the worlds most innovative companies, the worlds 2000 leading companies, the most powerful people, the richest, and so on.

It makes for interesting reading, almost wherever you make your dollar, there is some reference to the industry, who is who in the zoo, and what they did right.

Thanks Forbes, something for everyone.