As a marketer, I have always sought to differentiate my products from those of my competitors in a meaningful way, to add value to the experience of use.

In a hyper-connected, multi-branded world,  where most people don’t care too much despite the billions spend by marketers trying to make them care, you have to take the concept one step further.

A brand that just looks, feels, and performs just a bit better than the others is really just another brand, but one that somehow makes a difference to peoples lives, that is one that encourages and justifies loyalty.

Apple is the obvious example, Steve Jobs’ obsessive perfectionism and determination to control everything about the experience, and be as he put it “at the intersection of technology and art” has delivered more than just differentiated, competitive products, they have redefined and created markets.

My mate Louis Marangon of Riverina Grove, a little food manufacturer in country NSW is a similar obsessive, to the extent that it is possible, taking all his ingredients from local producers, the fresh, local, and transparent supply chain both offering both assurances to users, and keeping the money in the country.  He is now the only Australian owned manufacturer of a number of products left standing.

Umair  Haque says it very well here, as he often does.