The phenomena that has been the Kony video over the last week, garnering over 67 million views at the time of writing this, on Sunday morning in Australia, has rewritten the Social media and charity fund raising record books.  If there remained any doubt about the power of social media in the minds of those who seek to form and leverage public opinion, this will remove that doubt forever.

In the process, the focus of political power, the meaning of the word “politics” in its original sense, that of collective decision making by the people, has moved back to the people. We the great unwashed have at our disposal a tool that can bring integrity back to the process of government and decision making.

I have no doubt  that the Kony video will bring forth claims of misused funds, personal agendas and ego courtesy of a wikileaks type process. However, the point remains, the world is now aware of a gross abuse that it has been able to ignore for 20 years, and should in conscience, ignore no longer.

That awareness was built in a week via social media, and the world just moved again!