Produce marketers are not all that different to most FMCG marketers, except that the power of the retailer in produce categories is magnified by the total lack of proprietary branding, effectively insulating the consumer from the producer, making brand building and innovation a greater challenge. This lack of branding power and engagement with the consumer puts them at the mercy of retailers.

In an effort to put some parameters round the problems, the Mildura Development Corporation funded a study  that sought to articulate the challenges and choices faced by producers in the Sunraysia region, particularly by drawing the comparisons with the competitive environment in the UK.

The headline elements in the conclusions are:

    1. The power of the retailer
    2. Scale of producer operations
    3. The role of the business model employed
    4. The increasingly critical nature of data, its collection, analysis and leverage potential
    5. Marketing choices made.

These factors are all connected in cause and effect relationships with each other, and with the customers, and consumers of produce, but most forget, or get confused about the differences in the approach, which can be summarised as:

Sell to your customers

Market to your consumers.

Perhaps the report can add to your thinking, contact me for a copy, or discussion. 


There is a downloadable copy of the report in the “Sharing” pages of this site, let me know what you think of it.