Your high potential new customer, the one you thought you had brought into the fold, was about to sign up,  the one you had assured the boss would place their first order next week, suddenly, at the 11th hour, inexplicably, they go elsewhere. 

Are they mad? Did they not understand the benefits? Why did they lead you up the garden path?

Truth is, they may have been confronted by your sales approach, and did not trust you, did not believe what you were telling them. Too pushy, sliding over their objections,  not listening to their real needs, concentrating on your price rather than value to them, or one of the many other common failings of sales people leads to this sales killing response.

When confronted,  many people avoid the conflict, they simply agree with you, and walk away, leaving you with the misleading understanding that the sale is done.

The task therefore is to conduct the sales engagement in such a manner that the potential customer is the one exercising the power, they are not given the opportunity to conclude they do not believe you.  The best way to do that is to conduct the selling process by asking questions. All you have to do then is  just respond to the answers with simple observations, and another question that addresses their evolving understanding of their problems, or opportunities for improvement, and therefore your opportunity for a sale.

When a prospect believes you, and in you, selling is easy.