The current Australian government has a marketing problem. 

Their other problems, trouble with the hung parliament, zealous credit card expenditure by MP’s, inability to out-communicate the drivel of the opposition, a rebellious electorate, a failed “moral Imperative” and others, are just the symptoms.

Every useful marketer knows that success depends on a relentless focus on clearly articulated longer term goals. When focus is allowed to shift to the crisis of the day, from the “main-game”, whatever that may be in your circumstances, to responding to the day to day, the marketing effort fragments and stumbles for lack of a solid foundation.

The problem with this Government, and the Opposition as well,  is a lack of any long term goal the electorate understands beyond their selfish objective of retaining/gaining power, and if the electorate cannot buy into the government of the day’s priorities for various reasons, they at least understand the “why”, as a process of explanation has occurred.

Generally the pundits say the Government has a communication problem, but it is much deeper than that, they have no idea of what it is they wish to communicate beyond the press release of the day that they hope will dose the fire started yesterday. They have a fundamental strategic marketing problem, not just a communication problem.