The oldest market research technique in the world is to ask a group “imagine brand X is walking through the door, tell me about him/her”. This enables respondents to describe the brand with human terms, words that reflect the human characteristics to which we all relate, and understand.

Why is it then that we do not think about our brands presence in social media as the Social Life of the brand?

Wander around the net, Twitter, Google+,  4 square, YouTube, Pinterest, and all the rest, and you find a few sensible, brand relevant  comments and posts amongst the inane updates and dross. It is understandable that brand owners want to appear human, so they often talk drivel on the social media, as this is what happens in life, but if the brand is worth anything, it will opt out of the rubbish and be relevant.

Think about it as a social gathering. When you meet someone who talks rubbish, you cannot wait to get away, by contrast meet someone who has something interesting to say, and you stick around.