During times of stress, when there is too much to do and too little time to do it, we find ways to sort the tasks into categories to better manage our time.

In medical terms, Triage.  Treat now, can wait till later, no hope so time is better spent elsewhere.

Running through my favorites list, and the email subscriptions I take, I realised I had done a similar thing with my social media options.

Some email subscriptions get opened every time, others sometimes depending on the headline

Some in the favorites list get looked at weekly, others once in a while, others I had not looked at for ages, so they just got deleted.

There is a hierarchy at work here based on my experience with these sites and my evolving interests, and weather we know it or not, we all do it.

The task therefore for the blogger, is to be on the first tier of the social media triage with as many readers as possible, and to do that, we need to be  engaging to a pretty specific group of readers. Those that fall into the second and third groups are far less relevant.

This is not a numbers game, it is a relevance game.