Being different is the guts of innovation, no matter how good, how big (or small) how effective, how cheap, if it is not different, none of the rest will matter a whit.

Why is it then, that we have processes and disciplines that weed out the deviances from the norm?

Who is to say the norm is right?

The bloke who always disagrees, has an odd view of the world, irritates, and creates discord is usually the first to go when times are tough, and when the boss needs to demonstrate his machismo, but sometimes, just sometimes, the deviate is right.

Those who see the world differently to most are usually those who have the potential  to come up with something new, something that disrupts the status quo, they may also just be a pain in the arse, so the management task is to balance the odds, moderating the risk while cultivating the environment in which the whackos will flourish.

As George Bernard Shaw said, “all great things start as blasphemies”