“Not now” is a response sales people receive all the time, question is, does it mean not now, or not ever?

When sales people hear the words, they have two choices:

    1. Ignore the brush off, and keep at it
    2. Asses the lead for any long term value, and if it is there, put the lead back into the leadĀ  “carpark” for review at a later date, or for when something happens to give the opportunity to reconnect with the prospect.

Taking the first option is rarely the best, it just gets annoying, but persistence in continually recycling leads, adding to the store of knowledge each time, is a bit like continuous improvement in a factory, part of an ongoing cycle that delivers performance.

Any lead is hard to find, turning that lead into a prospect is not a one-off exercise, it is a process that can have many twists and turns, that can now be significantly automated.