“Graph Search” may offer the potential of a financial bonus to the beleagured facebook shareholders sucked in by the IPO hype, I suspect it is, but what were they thinking when they dreamt up the name?

A brand is supposed to convey a promise, be a memorable badge for the product, and in the case of a sub brand, add to the whole. Writing this post, and the one a few days ago, I had to return to the facebook page several times to remember what the silly thing is called.




“Grape search” (cab sav anyone)

I know that to insiders, a “graph” is a metaphor for the map of a persons networks, a diagram that represent all the friends, comments, reviews, updates, and connections, but not everybody is an insider.

Perhaps they shoul have snuck down the road and thrown some money at the branding boys at Apple, they seem to know what they are doing.