Like most bloggers, I watch how many people visit this site, how many pages they access, how long they stay, and how many “likes” the posts get, and it feels good when the numbers go up.

However, these superficial measures do not really mean much.

What make the real difference is how much I write gets amplified, by reposting, commenting, and the number of click-throughs to the links included that occurs.

“Likes” are generally  just passers-by, casual visitors, or “like-counters” who want you to reciprocate and “like” their site, when what you want is engagement, people who are touched or motivated in some  way by the posts.

I would rather have one of those engaged visitors than 10 who just visit and leave.  In Australia, there is an old expression, ‘Wombat”. Calling somebody a “wombat”  is rarely complimentary, as a wombat is a slow, sometimes destructive native animal that eats roots and leaves, not complimentary when you add comma’s. Most visitors to your site  that just tick the “like” button without thinking about what you have written, often not even reading it, are just “wombats”