Everybody has something to say, and the democratisation of the web means everyone has the opportunity.

 Just take a look at the twitter feeds of some of the big brands, some inane crap written by a 10 year old intellect can attract thousands of “likes”, and the wombats breed just to provide more of them.

So what?. Why should these big brands bother? Surely such nonsense detracts from their brand?

Well, to my mind they shouldn’t do it, building and maintaining a brand is hard enough without putting extra lead in the saddlebags.

On the contrary, the opportunity to say something of value, pass on some wisdom, offer useful advice is now easier than it has ever been. Those thoughts need to be heard, debated, and they add to our lives.

Just a pity that we have to wade through the mountains of crap, despite all the filtering and prioritisation tools available,  to find the interesting stuff.