face recognition

What will happen when facial recognition is good enough to recognise a person walking into a retail shop, and convey to a device that persons purchase history, returns, sizes, social media mentions and links, and all the rich data that can be collected. The opportunities to use this sort of marketing data integration are limited only by your imagination.

This is just a step away, probably closer even than that, the speed of development of software applications has been amazing.

Next time you walk into a shop, the assistant just may greet you with asking how the function you bought the blue dress for 2 months ago went, or inform you that they have just one left of a belt that would be a great match to the shoes you bought in February, and on it can go……

The real human challenge will be engaging your customers using all this information without being stilted or “creepy”, not a good outcome.

George Orwell is alive and well.

P.S. August 20, 2013.

Tom Fishburne, a favourite commentator on marketing who uses incisive cartoons to make his point posted this cartoon this morning, with the link to the Minority report clip that makes my point above way better than I did.  Great stuff Tom.