Digital technology has offered all of us an astounding range of opportunities to challenge and interact with our social environment, creating as we go. Gary Hamel has summarised them into a “5 C” list,:






You read them, you just know the truth of it, but the next step, the really hard one, is how to harness the potential energy unleashed by these revolutions.

As a consultant to small businesses, I find no lack of energy, determination, and intelligent, informed  risk taking, but I do find that the digital revolution has marched past the capabilities of many of the established businesses, and as time passes, the gap just  becomes wider. 

Recognising the presence of the capability gap, and finding a way to bridge it is rapidly becoming the most significant challenge faced by SME’s.  Until that bridging has happened, digital is a millstone rather than a freedom, and freedom feels great!.

Go for it.