Hunt around in Google, and there are thousands of posts out there giving you lists of things to do to have a successful blog. A few Are pretty good,  but most a just lists of the blindingly obvious, hoping that the headline “Top 20 tips for success” and their ilk attract attention.

My contribution to the  pile is a really simple list of three:

  1. Know who you are talking to well enough to, well, talk to them. It is after all just a conversation.
  2. Be original, relevant, interesting, and engaging, by reading widely, building on the ideas, looking for angles and unexpected applications, and offering connections to your readers.
  3. Do not forget rules 1 and 2.

Pretty simple, but like most seemingly simple things, there is much to distract from the simplicity that needs to be distilled out, hard choices need to be made, and focus found.

Never easy, but rewarding.