Content marketing 2

Have you created the best content you can, original, insightful, and engaging, that demonstrates your domain knowledge, but it goes nowhere?

No impact, no interest, even your friends do not read it.

It is a bit like throwing a party and having nobody turn up.

Maybe you forgot to send invitations, after all, psychics are pretty rare, so people need to know the party is on.

Creating the content is just the same, the creation is only a part of the process, you also need to market the content, and having done that successfully, then the content can be judged by the response you get.

So, following are four simple, common sense marketing rules to apply to your precious content.

    1. Have a strategy that promises to deliver the objectives, creating the content is not enough.
    2. Use data, not just your gut. The data is freely available, and enormously valuable, use it.
    3. Learn by doing. The oldest and still the best game in town is to experiment and learn.
    4. Remember always that creating the content just gets you a ticket to the game, not the automatic right to play, that comes from elsewhere.