Management experience Vs Customers

The stupidity of the functional silos that deliberately separates an organisations capability to deliver value and service to their customers, and the way the customer experiences those services  never ceases to amaze me.

A friend of mine has a mortgage on his home, and a cash flow problem.

The stupidity is being demonstrated again, as the bank concerned is sending him very nasty computer generated letters telling him of the dire consequences of not getting his payments back in order. His equity is around  99%, for 25 years the payments have been made on time and he has much of his other financial products through the bank.

Why would a responsible,  customer responsive, innovative and customer oriented bank, which we know they are because they spend millions every year telling us this is so, set out to so terminally piss off a long standing, loyal customer?

He has options,  few of which are beneficial for the bank, and he also has family and friends who are less than impressed, and now would not touch this bank with a bargepole, and they all communicate widely.

I pick on the bank because it is top of mind, but they are not alone.  Corporations everywhere cling to the functional management system while consumers take delivery of their products and services cross functionally.

Failure to acknowledge and manage this intersection in an age of Social media and the ubiquity of information is marketing suicide.   I guess the upside is that it leaves plenty of room for innovation for those not stuck in the C20, which has led to the rise and rise of Paypal, Uber, Airbnb, e-wallet, and thousands of others who manage the way they deliver to customers in the way customers experience the need to have a product or service delivered. Tom Fishburne put the Maths Vs Mad dilemma wonderfully simply in a cartoon this morning, pointing out the stupidity of just allowing the technology to take the place of common sense, marketing wisdom and customer intimacy.