Time, as is often pointed out, is our most valuable and non renewable resource. Using what we have productively is a challenge we all undertake in our own way.

We all have exactly the same amount of it available to us, the differences emerge when we examine what we do with our time.

For most,  we respond to the email, phone call, text message, distractions at the water cooler,  to all sorts of stuff that really makes little difference,  but has  the ring of urgency.

Urgent but  not important.

By contrast, at the other end of the scale, we tend to  put off things that are difficult, challenging, and often uncomfortable. That time necessary to really flesh out the assumptions underpinning the strategic plan, consideration of the nature of the business model that will see the enterprise commercially sustainable amidst the change all around us, or the culture and work patterns of those entrusted with the implementation.

Important but not urgent.

Every waking moment is spent in some way. The really productive people amongst us focus on the things that are important, they make a difference in the medium to long term, and they treasure their time.

Can you imagine Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs watching “Big Brother”?

For them, that would be an hour a day that they will not only never get back, but that adds no value whatsoever to anyone.

Commercial and personal sacrilege.

Where is the balance in your enterprise, and your life?