Worlds greatest marketer

Albert Einstein would have made a great marketer.

He made a number of statements that are highly applicable, but one that sticks in mind is:

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, no simpler”

Marketing is simple in concept, but becoming ever more complication in the execution.

The huge array of choices to be made at every stage is enough to scare many people away, so their marketing remains sub optimal.

There are only four components, all are critical, and all interact with each other creating the huge mass of choice confronting us, but in its simplest form, it really is pretty easy to understand.

  1. The message. What is said
  2. The medium. Where it appears
  3. The mechanism. How it gets there
  4. The sweet spot in the middle. The customer.

Albert also said “if I had an hour to solve a life and death problem, I would spend the first 50 minutes defining the problem. The rest is just maths”.

Marketing is just the same, define the outcome you are seeking, the problem you are solving, and the game is over, you can go to lunch in peace.

See, now you know.

Simple to say, hard to do.