Making an offer they cannot refuse is the ultimate selling outcome, notwithstanding the limitations of the law, and common decency.

So how do you make a Godfather offer?

  • Know your customer intimately
  • Know their business intimately
  • Know their pain-points like they were your own
  • Create an offer that removes the pain-points for them
  • Make the payoff compelling
  • Make the payoff unique
  • Present the offer like your life depended on it, with passion, conviction, and from the receivers¬† perspective.
  • Create tension in the decision by ensuring there is a decision time after which the offer is off the table.

This works pretty much all the time.

When you are able to the identify components of a problem a potential customer has, for which you have a solution that is both valuable to them, and unique, and you clearly understand all the challenges in their situation, why would they not buy from you?