For 20 years, Mary Meeker of KPCB  has been collating and publishing an annual report on the growth and growth of the net and the services and products it carries.

This 20th publication contains information that will be useful to every business.

The local lemonade stand, to the huge Multinationals dominating the commercial landscape, there is vital stuff for you.

Just a few of the points that jumped out at me:

  • Mobile data usage rose 69% last year
  • 55% of mobile data traffic is from video
  • Ads in mobile account for 8% of ad spend, but mobile accounts for 24% of time spent with media.
  • Mobile use in underdeveloped economies is disproportionately strong. In effect, they are jumping the stage of fixed line infrastructure developed economies went through. If you want to do business in Asia and India, go mobile.
  • Government policy, regulation  and use of the net lags public usage substantially, around the world
  • The number of hours a day people are spending in front of a screen s still growing, and though it has flattened off a bit, but it is 9.6 hours/day. (US data)
  • The number of productivity tools becoming available is still exploding, as is the number of platforms for distribution of information and data
  • The nature of work is changing rapidly, as is the location of those doing it.


Whoever you are, if you are in business, and want to stay there, it is worth flicking through the report.

PS. June 13.

Mary Meeker released a presentation of her amazing report, listening to her talk through the report makes it easier to absorb, way easier than just looking through the huge pile of slides.

Everyone should watch this, absorb it and figure out how to leverage it for your business.