social intercourse.

“Self indulgent nonsense that passes as digital marketing strategy”.

That is what it often is, perhaps usually, but it can also be the road to success when leveraged by a truly expert marketer.

But everybody is a marketing expert, it is easy, just common sense, surely?

Why is it then that I see so much crap, so much waste of time and money, often lots of it.

Big businesses are the worst, the marketing people spend money like it is not their own.

Hang on, it isn’t.

By contrast, small business is intimidated by the jargon, the smoke and mirrors that has been so prevalent over the last 100 years, joined recently by the mystery of digital. They shy away and often do not take advantage if the greatest single marketing opportunity that has ever opened up for them .

The ability to not just send a personalised message to an individual, but to see what they do with that message, respond appropriately, and to enter into a ‘conversation’ with them.

I know there are lots of self styled gurus out there blathering on about people becoming engaged with brands, wanting to carry on a conversation with their favourite brand, and promising to deliver such an outcome, when common sense says it is crap.

Look at your own behaviour.

Do you crave the attention of a ‘brand’ do you actively seek a ‘brand experience’ crave digital interaction with your brand?

I thought not.

Most people areĀ  not thinking about interacting with their favourite brand of yogurt except when they are in the supermarket, or their head in in the ‘fridge looking for some brekkie, despite the protestations of digital marketing bag men whose job it is to flog a digital inventory of some sort.

Be careful, and ensure that you build the foundations of great marketing, get the fundamentals in place, then you can go ahead and win.