Forests have been denuded as ‘experts’ publish their complicated sales processes.

Most have value coated in all sorts of hyperbole, jargon, psychological puffery, and sometimes just plain old mysticism.

However, when you add a bit of plain common sense, the sales process while not easy, and usually somewhat complicated by circumstances and personalities, is simple to articulate.

  1. Find a potential customer who has a problem to which you have a solution
  2. Find a potential customer to whom your solution delivers value that can be quantified
  3. Find a potential customer to whom your quantified value is superior to alternatives
  4. Communicate the value you can deliver to that potential customer
  5. Tailor as appropriate your solution and payment options to their specific circumstances
  6. Make the case
  7. Take the order.

Now, to stop the killing of trees, even digital ones, and save yourself some time, figure out how to apply this simple framework to your products.

Need some help, call me, and have a great 2016.