Look at the good and bad decisions you have made, what led you to them?

What pressures were you under?  Should you find yourself faced with the same set of circumstances again, would you now make the same decision?

Look at the decisions and moves your competitors have made, how did they work out?

What can you learn from them?

What about parallel industries, what went well, and what crashed and burned?

Of course, the most painful and therefore memorable source of wisdom is always  your own mistakes. Learning from them creates wisdom, failing to learn is just stupid.

It all adds to the store of wisdom, an intangible asset of great value, but it takes time and energy to assemble, along with a healthy ability to recognise your own failings.

Do a good wisdom assembly job and the ROI will be astonishing.

However, It is possible to outsource, and in times of stress it makes great sense to do so.

Wisdom is hard-won, and there are those who will assist you apply theirs to your situation.

Call me for an injection of wisdom assembled over a long period of experience.