Sales people for 100 years have been coached on how to do a close, often after a mini close or two.

These techniques all have their place, and in the past have worked enough for them to become the default, after all it is a numbers game.

However, when you last looked at your close rate, what was it?

Most would be in single figures.

100 leads, converts to 50 warms leads, converts to 10 hot leads, converts to 5 transactions.

What if there was a way to double, even triple that rate, make the 5% 10% or even 15%

There is.

Every sale is a journey, has a starting point and an end point, what happens in the middle determines your conversion rate.

  • Identify the prospect
  • Qualify the prospect as a lead
  • Understand their buying processes
  • Provide social proof
  • Make sure you are talking to the decision maker
  • Gain the support of those who influence the decision maker
  • Ensure your offer is irresistible

MakingĀ  the offer irresistible means that you do not talk about the offer from your perspective, you talk about what the offer means to them, the outcomes of accepting your offer.

Conversely, the result of passing it up

If I was selling you a lead generation process for your product selling for $499, and I promised to triple the conversion rate from its current 5% to 15%, would you take it?

The maths becomes very easy, $499 is either a great offer or a pile of rubbish, you can make the choice.

However, if I just concentrated on closing you on a lead gen process for $499 using all the old fashioned techniques, I would almost certainly fail, as it is all about me, and my stuff for $499, not about you, and the return you will get for a modest outlay of just $499. (Be quick offer closes at midnight. Could not help myself, as time linked offers do make them more compelling irrespective of anything else)

In other words, focus on the outcome, not the process, at each stage of the process.

Sell the hole, not the drill.