Benjamin Franklin said many worthwhile things, and a few bits on nonsense. However, amongst the best known, and perhaps most quoted is:

“If you want something done, give it to a busy person”

Absolute bollocks!!

Acting on that advice is in my view a failure of leadership.

You are in effect saying that it is OK to load up somebody who is already at or near capacity while other ‘resources’ remain idle, or at less than capacity.

People are not machines,  but like machines, everyone has a different capacity. Exceed that capacity and you just get inefficiency, poor quality and even breakdown.

We do not do it to our equipment, at least not deliberately, so why on earth would it be OK to do it to our people, and perhaps even worse, our best, most dedicated and productive people?

This little rant was instigated by a business owner I met and with whom I was exchanging views on management and leadership. Needless to say, he will in all probability (now) never be a client.