Yesterday the Western Bulldogs won the AFL grand final.

I am not an AFL fan, my game is the one they play in heaven, sadly not much down here any more, but that game yesterday stirred emotions in even one who really did not care about the outcome.

For the Dogs to win they overcame the odds in all sorts of directions, too numerous to list. However, in overcoming the odds they clearly demonstrated the truth of the old cliché about the team of champions vs the champion team.

There is one word that describes how that phenomenon is achieved:


The single act of the Dogs coach Luke Beveridge putting his premiership medal around the neck of injured club captain Bob Murphy embodies all it means to be a leader.

The work of Simon Sinek in articulating this stuff is to my mind the benchmark. Do not bother reading the libraries of dusty academic tomes written, just watch the Sinek presentations to hear all you need to know.   The one linked above titled Leaders eat Last is a great story, distilled into one 30  second act by Beveridge yesterday.

If you were an aspiring AFL player, why would you want to play anywhere else?

My apologies to readers outside Australia, you will have no idea what AFL is. Does not matter, just watch Sineks presentation.