Last Wednesday, October 5 was the 5th anniversary of the death of Steve Jobs, on October 5, 2011, aged 59 .

How time flies.

The words of the great Apple ad that started the ball rolling again when he returned from exile in 1997 to the company he created with Steve Wozniak on April fools day 1976 are  reproduced above by Hugh McLeod, the sage of the Gaping Void.

Having read Walter Isaacsons terrific biography of Jobs, I am glad I did not know him, but the world is a different place, and most would contend a better place,  as a result of him being here.

Not many of us can say that.

It is pure fantasy, but I wonder what else would have changed that now remains the same had he lived to the ripe old age of 65, which would only be a couple of more months from now, February 2017.

He has been missed, even by me, and I do not use Apple products at all.