Definition: ‘The process by which a great product is conceived and  ‘launched’ to the market, with the developer believing that its greatness will be so obvious that the world will beat a path to his door’.

Never happens.

That bloke with the better mousetrap is still waiting.

 Nobody will become aware, understand, and be motivated to take some action if they know nothing about your great idea, and the solution to their specific problem that it can deliver, by some form of Intellectual Osmosis.

At some point you have to undertake the hard graft of developing a strategy, and translating it into the necessary marketing, sales, operational and commercial processes in order to turn the great idea into a business.

Most stop at the idea stage, as that is the easy bit. They then sit back and get disappointed and even angry when they see ‘their’ idea turned into a successful venture by someone else.

Intellectual Osmosis simply does not work, but does feel seductively good, as it is totally risk free.