All marketing content I have ever seen is driven by one, or a combination of three things:

  • Vanity
  • They have something to sell
  • They have something to say.

There is always some overlap, but when you dig deeper, the motivation is always one of the three, and by a vast majority, one of the first two. To be clear, ‘Content’ is everything you post, from a thoughtful and original marketing blog post you wrote, to a research paper published elsewhere, to a cat photo.

However, the most successful content is when you have something to say, an idea you want to articulate and spread, a perspective that throws light on a question.

It becomes pretty easy with some level of objectivity, to put some numbers against these simple measures, even vary the sizes of the ‘bubbles’ to reflect the relative size visually.

When the purpose of a piece of content is to inform, educate, enlighten, and that purpose is met, financial outcomes may follow, but they should not be the objective, they are the outcome of great content.

What is your purpose for your content?