Inspirational Stuff

Simon Sinek articulated “Why” in this seminal TED talk.

It has become a foundation of the way in which I develop the foundations of strategy for my clients.

Author and thinker Daniel Pink examines the drivers of motivation with some surprising conclusions.

A must for those who take leadership and motivation seriously.

Nothing I have seen captures the magic of the Jobs philosophy better than this Stanford commencement address.

Jobs at his eloquent best.

In this hugely witty and thoughtful TED presentation, Sir Ken Robinson pulls apart the way our kids learn.

As a bonus, everyone can learn from the wonderful skills of Sir Ken in the manner in which he breaks complicated ideas into simple and personal vignettes that resonate.

In 2007 Seth Godin was one of the first to be articulating the power of the web to spread ideas.

His ideas are as valid now as they were then, just more widely understood.

Rory Sutherland is an ‘old ad man’ who should have been Don Drapers partner.

Instead he entertains and informs with his observations on life.