How to make the “godfather offer”

Making an offer they cannot refuse is the ultimate selling outcome, notwithstanding the limitations of the law, and common decency. So how do you make a Godfather offer? Know your customer intimately Know their business intimately Know their pain-points like they were... read more

Sales mindset switch

Access to information, the tools to make up our own minds  has not just changed our behaviour in the way the sales process works, it has changed our mindset. In a fundamental way. We believe information we source ourselves, and distrust anything we are told. We filter... read more

How to construct a brief that sells.

Putting together a good brief is a foundation of successful business, whether it be a brief to a creative agency, engineering team, or outsourced service of some type, and irrespective of the platform to be used, a great brief plays a key role in achieving your goals.... read more

May 12 “crunch” time

A business that does not make money will not be around for long. While money is just the mechanism to count success, or failure, the lack of it is terminal in every case. Well, every case but one. Government. They just keep on putting it on the national credit card,... read more