‘Optimising Small Business Performance’

What is a Strategy Audit?

Strategies are ideas and information distilled into a plan of action that has at its core a set of choices that have been or should be made. Which customers, which markets, which technologies, and so on.

An audit is a post activity review of things that have happened, comparing the actual to the planned.

How do you audit a strategy? something that has not yet fully happened, that is a set of ideas and choices?

The funny thing about ideas, is that unlike physical things, they have the potential to get better with use, whereas “things” depreciate with use.

This paradox is at the core of the idea of a “Strategy Audit”

It becomes an interrogation of the assumptions, data, plans, capability assessments, and all the other stuff that routinely gets lumped into a “strategy” and most importantly, the fragile links that exist between these pieces of information.

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