Almost everyone has heard the term “Dow Jones” or perhaps “The Dow” and know at least that it is something to do with stocks in the US, but few would immediately think of it in the context of a brand. It probably would not get onto a list of the most famous brands, unlike Marlborough, Microsoft, Exxon, Coca-Cola, and others, but is nevertheless is a great brand.

The “Dow” was created in 1896 by Wall Street Journal founder Charles Dow, and originally indexed 12 stocks on the NY exchange, since expanded to 30 in 1916, and has had various indices added to follow differing segments of the US economy.

The Dow now has 116 years  of delivering a simple, transparent, and consistent service to its consumers, who have faith in the integrity and purpose of the product they consume, and is the standard against which others are measured.

What more could you want in a brand?