A friend works for the local council who have banned the use of social media, “Just a time-waster” is the view.

Here’s the thing, I thought local councils were there to serve the community, to reflect the way they think, work, bring up their families and play in the manner in which their rates are used to provide services.  How can they do that efficiently when  they do not communicate in the way their constituency communicates? How can they connect and engage?.

Social networking is not primarily about sales, or brand building, or communicating widely, it is about relationships.

Successful relationships can lead to those other things, they can be a useful outcome, but if you make them the objective, the relationship will not build, and it is the relationships that evolve into sales and  brand preference. 

Social networking is more P2P, (person to person) than B2B or B2C, and as in any relationship, you need to put in before you can take out.