The astonishing explosion of creativity that occurred in Florence in the 1500’s was precipitated when the Medici family brought together creative people from a range of disciplines, painters, sculptors,  writers, philosophers, mathematicians, architects, engineers, and sparked the renaissance by creating and facilitating  the connections and cross fertilisation between these creators.

The common denominator amongst all these creative people the Medici’s brought together was curiosity, a willingness to see solutions to their problems, and ideas they can use in the work of others, and a willingness to experiment, question, learn, and collaborate.

To a considerable degree, the Medici effect also impacted the UK midlands after the steam engine was utilised in cotton and woollen mills,  and it is happening again now in the manner in which the internet is being  used to connect people, and transform just about everything in our daily lives.  

Perhaps the only thing not being altered is the same thing that remained unaltered in previous incarnations of the Medici’s impact, the necessity for people to trust, and engage with each other on a personal level, and the role of genuine leadership in determining how resources will be assembled and allocated.