Years ago as a senior manager in a large organisation, part of the monthly routine was to write an APP report: Achievements, Problems, Plans, kept to an A4 page, used as a scene setter for the more detailed monthly report.

At the time it was a pain in the posterior, generally done at the last minute, with the objective of getting it done, rather than communicating the context of the rest of the report.

In short, a squandered opportunity.

How much better it would have been to use the APP as a summary of the context and detail of the functional responsibility I carried, something that had performance measures built in, and that was useful. In time it may have evolved into an A3 type report that I have more recently been using as the core tool of project planning, but the attitude that it was just a pain eliminated the opportunity to be creative and constructive with it. 

How many good ideas are being squandered in your environment?