Creating a sense of commitment to an outcome is the job of anyone who seeks to lead.

Perhaps the most powerful way of achieving this is to build an understanding in an audience of what the current looks like, and articulating the shape of the future.

This should be far more than a presenter just asking themselves rhetorical questions,  done well it creates a rhythm to a presentation, that can be compelling.

Probably the most compelling example, certainly the best known is Dr Kings speech in 1963, most immediately recognise the power of that articulation, relating to the couple of minutes at the end where he articulated his dream, having spent the first 12 minutes or so of the 16 minute speech laying out the present.   This speech was so compelling it assembled the momentum for enormous change in the social fabric of the western world, consider what could be done in youir organisation with the use of that simple technique.

Trick is to ensure you live the dream, or it is just words.