In the communication revolution going on currently, the infrastructure to carry it all is vital, but how relevant will the 2010 infrastructure be to the world that greets it when it is finally completed roll-out in, when?, what was the last projection? ever?. The world is changing almost daily, the NBN as conceived by our  political masters will be obsolete before it is 10% implemented. 

In the October issue of “Wired” magazine is a fascinating analysis of the “Tech War” going on  between Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook. It is a must read for anyone in business, it puts a competitive context around the maneuvering we all see happening, but do not necessarily connect the dots.

We, the Australian taxpayers,  are making a multi-generational investment in the NBN, billions of dollars spent by those well known, fast moving,  tech savvy innovators in Canberra. Lets hope they know what is going on outside the cocooned environment of the   “bush Capital that are all so pleased to live in.   

Somehow I doubt they have any idea, and that is truly scary, and there will be a whole lot more of this sort of failure, and the accompanying spin before anyone in Canberra admits to a huge boo boo.