Traditional paper publishing is going down the slot, we all know that, but it still has a place, particularly the magazines, and most particularly the lower  volume, niche end, high fashion and  exotic cars for example. 

So what happens to websites included in a print ad when a magazine releases an App for a tablet? There are a bunch of new dimensions here:

    1. Does the advertiser pay more for the website to be activated on the tablet?, or
    2. Does the cost of the ad to the advertiser include the cost of activating the website?,
    3. Is an activation fee a one -off, or per site activation fee?
    4. Should an advertiser pay an additional fee as a tablet subscriber clicks on an activated link?
    5. Should the subscriber to the print edition have free access to the web edition?, or do they need to pay again for what they have bought already?
    6. What is the cost relativity between the tablet version and the print? Does the tablet subscriber get a discount on the paper edition to put on her table?

This is making my head hurt, but I am pretty sure that there will be a huge amount of experimentation going on, and in 10 years we will be wondering what all the fuss was about, as the answer will be obvious.