I find myself continually attempting to argue the case for investment in Social Media at the expense of more traditional broadcast and print media. Almost everyone I interact with from my large clients to the local tennis club fail to instinctively understand the full potential power of SM.

There is plenty around on the net shouting the advantages of SM, much of it with the objective of selling something, so it was great to come Across this report from Bain & Co “putting Social media to work”  courtesy of Steve Goldner on his blog.

Then this morning, Mike Stelzner’s Social Media Examiner blog, a wonderful source of links, ideas, and tips published their 4th Annual Social Media Marketing report, which offers insights into the way marketers are using social media.

It is pretty clear that Marketing has been democratised by the web, Social Media Marketing is now mainstream marketing. It consumes huge resources, delivering huge benefits to marketers and their markets,  despite the hubris, misunderstanding and snake oil salesmen that inhabit the marketing ecosystems.