Recently my local council took a decision under extremely dubious circumstances, and against the wishes of much of the local community, and their own guidelines.

In preparing for my 3 minute opportunity to voice my disgust at the decision, and its inevitable outcomes, I broke my objections down to three components that the council leadership should consider as they imposed a decision made in isolation of the wishes of the community, for reasons that had nothing to do with the good of the community.

  1. Morality and legality. Just because something is legal, does not necessarily make it moral. Just because you may be able to manipulate the existing regulations to accommodate a 7 story apartment block overshadowing an area you listed as a heritage area does not make it right to do so, particularly when the financial basis of the alterations are at best, obscured.
  2. Transparency of leadership. Those who wish to lead, particularly those who are elected to do so have an obligation to ensure that decision-making is a transparent process. Without transparency, the leadership is compromised past repair very quickly. Look no further than the  mess in Canberra for confirmation.
  3. Consistency of decision-making. A decision made today, must be consistent with those made yesterday, and if not, the reasons for the inconsistency must be overwhelming, and transparent to everyone affected.

Whilst my impassioned pleas did not change the decision, when I look back on it, the headings to which I spoke still resonate.

By the way, I am still angry, and with council elections now very close, at least some retribution is coming. Just a pity it is too late for to prevent the disaster emerging from the hubris, incompetence, and self interest of the those about to lose their sinecures at the developer honey pot.