Hugh MacLeod

Hugh MacLeod

There are many people I would like to meet, but a special group of them are the thinkers in the “new media” space.

 Brian Solis is one of them, along with Clay Shirky, Hugh McLeod, Mitch Joel, and  Seth Godin. These are all people who are shaping the manner in which we perceive the explosion of connectability that is driving our lives, enterprises, and the world we live in.

A current report of the Altimeter group of which Brian is a principal is called “The evolution of Social Business: Six stages of business transformation”. The report, and embedded slideshare presentation puts a framework around the bumbling most organisations are experiencing as they grapple with the opportunities, complications and costs of social, and socialised media.

Two last guests. First, someone who does a fantastic job of curating the content and thinking that is going on, is generous enough to share it all, and who knows all of the above blokes in person as a result of that generosity, Mike Stelzner. Second, an Aussie bird, for a bit of balance to the testosterone, and an alternative way of looking at things, Bernadette Jiwa.

What a truly great dinner group, the conversation would redefine “out of the box”, what pity I suck as a cook.