Analytics is perhaps the buzzword of the moment, it seems to be attracting some of the same purveyors of snake-oil previously touting SEO as the saviour of all sins.

Amongst the detritus, however, there are some gems. Avinash Kaushik’s  “Occum’s Razor” blog is one such gem, as is Scott Brinkers” Chief marketing technologist” blog. I am sure there are others, but the weight of numbers  is with the snakes.

A mate of mine has a small business specialising in collecting data from HR environments, applying analytics and offering advice on areas of improvement. Tasks like board performance  assessment are his bread and butter.

A few weeks ago in a casual conversation, he was down cast, as he had been beaten in a tender by a competitor, for the third time recently, when he knows from long experience the algorithms in his analytics are way more robust than those of his competitor. The difference in the tenders was made not by the analytics, but by the visual representations of the analytics. His  competitor has invested in visuals, whereas he has continued to invest in the data integrity.

Visuals sell, as they offer simplistic answers to complex questions, but  the question remains, how good are the answers.