You know the old story, the plumber who goes around fixing other peoples dripping taps, but has a houseful of leakers himself.

This site has been my home since march 2009, and it has been full of leaking metaphorical taps. All the things I admonished my clients to do, or not to do were here.

A freebie hosting that prevented a whole host of functionality

No analytics beyond the most basic few measures

A boring and dull site template

Well, all that is in the process of changing, I am taking my own advice, and fixing the leaky taps.

The hosting has been moved, several plugins added, along with an analytics package. Progressively over the near future you will see the changes evolving as I progressively fix the taps.

About time!!

What will not change is the commitment to bring original marketing thinking and ideas to the small businesses that are the lifeblood, the reason for being of this site. I hope you continue to enjoy, comment on, share and learn from the posts and the comments they elicit.

Let me know what you think, your comments are both welcome, and vital to improvement.