That phrase, ‘you train dogs,  but you educate people’ was used to me years ago by Harvard professor Jim Hagler, making the point that education involves nurturing the ability to think and question while training is simply  enforcing a repeatable routine.

Both have their place, but getting the two mixed up and expecting training to take the place of educating leads to failure.

There are thousands of information products out there, courses of many types that promise to deliver a learning outcome, which is usually passive income so you can sit on a beach and make money while sipping G&T’s

You  have seen them.

They offer training, and often use that term. They are the digital equivalent of buying a book, on a topic, and once you walk out of the bookstore (are there  any left?) the author, publisher and bookstore owner have no further obligation to you, the responsibility is all yours.

By contrast, getting an education takes time, and effort, and there is a responsibility of the institution to teach you, and ensure that you not just know the topic, but can think creatively and critically about both the topic and related material. You cannot walk into the university office and buy a degree (although recent revelations might just make that assertion obsolete)

Education is a two way street, shared by both parties, as distinct from information provision, which is a once only transaction.

Key difference is when you need help, is it there? Most on-line courses are just information, with no help beyond technical assistance to download the stuff, if you are lucky.

There is a big cost to education, not just money, but time and effort, the cost of training is often low.

I would rather spend $2000 on education, really learning a topic,  than $200 on a training course.

This rant was set off by another of those very well crafted pieces of sales copywriting that landed in my email last week promising to give me a passive income of ‘at least 5,000/month’ for life. All I had to do was part with $779 now, or an easy $150/month for 6 months, and it would be mine. Easy, great ROI if it actually worked.

Utter bullshit aimed at deluding the easily deluded.