As great an advocate of analytics as I am, it remains a truth that data without a context is useless.

It is in the articulation of  the context that data is given meaning, and it is at this point that the context can be articulated to change the meaning of the data.

“Spin” is so common we almost do not mind any more, it is so woven into our daily media consumption, that it is normal, and each person applies their own cogitative filtering system to what they are bombarded with every day.

Spin is no more than selecting a combination of data and context to deliver an argument that suits a predetermined outcome. Question is when does the modest spin with perhaps  the best of intentions become a lie based on manipulation of data and context.

I cannot wait for Tuesday nights budget, if nothing else it should be a lesson in context management.

PS. A week post budget.

Well it seems they really blew this one!

We thought the previous residents of the Lodge were too smart by half, trying to manage both the data and the context, and failing at both, but the current Prime Minister and his Treasurer have set new standards.

Irrespective of your political inclinations, and view of the logic of the budget, it is hard to argue that the sell job has been just crap, the only thing worse has been the packaging of the product.

Mr Shorten cannot believe his luck, and how quickly we forget. Perhaps our limited memory is what the PM is relying on, I wish him luck, but where is the bookie when you need him.